Laserlam was founded in 2008 to offer services related to laser cutting, bending and welding applications. Since its foundation it has focused a lot on dynamism, flexibility and high value of its customer service. Laserlam worked in the production of components related to many different industrial sectors: home appliances, automotive, industrial carpentry, creating a vast network of technical and commercial contacts in Piedmont. Since its foundation, R & D activities have been given much importance to improve and expand their technological and industrial offer. In 2010 it joins Mesap and it is involved, together with customers and suppliers, in  R & D projects on new processing machines. To enhance its R & D capabilities, Laserlam in 2012 supported the birth and growth of a partner company, IRIS srl, with which it starts a path of innovation that leads it to enhance its IPR portfolio (2 patents on new products for the treatment of water and waste) with the view of combining the production of a specific product with the processing of third parties.

Laserlam is the coordinator of the ECOWELD + project.

Amada Engineering Europe Srl, a company belonging to Amada Group, has been established in 2010 as “EUROPEAN ENGINEERING COMPANY” and develops, produces and promotes Amada software solutions.

AEE main mission is to support, through a constant and continuous dialogue, the European Amada Subsidiaries and Amada Japan in order to innovate, strengthen and qualify customer's production processes, increasing the competitiveness of the customer.

Today AEE is one of the 3 main Amada software development centers in the world for all software applications and manages special projects in collaboration with AMADA HQ, LKI and Amada Sales Companies in Europe.

In 2015 the Robot Technical Center in Santena, Turin, has been established in order to provide the European Amada Subsidiaries and their customers with the AEE engineering team skills and the new and best technologies in bending automation.

AEE draws from its experience and several activities the great impulse for innovation, research and development according to the guide lines defined by “S3 (Smart Specialisation Strategy)”,“Industry 4.0” and “IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)“. Since many years cooperates with the most important Research Centers and Universities, developing several funded projects.

Sistemi 2 Visione: a company at the customer service

Sistemi 2 Visione proposes itself as a leading company in the design, developing and implementation of artificial vision systems for the industry, in order to optimize the production, control the processes and ensure the quality.

The S2V primary goal is to make available to its customers the more than twenty years experience gained in the area of Artificial Vision applications, and to provide a specialized support for the design and implementation of customized solutions to meet all the customer needs in terms of image processing, management and archiving of images, types and production data.

Sistemi 2 Visione manufactures systems that fully meet customer demand in terms of performance, compactness, reliability, flexibility and ease of use because of:

  • projects fully managed by Sistemi 2 Visione: from the feasibility study to the project, from the assembly of systems to the software development, from start-up to remote assistance via web.
  • development of proprietary and high-performance algorithms for image processing, to run controls at very low acquisition / processing time.
  • modular and expandable systems.
  • careful selection of hardware among the world's largest producers of technologies in the market of vision tecnology.

GOMA Elettronica SpA is the Italian leading company in the distribution of embedded solutions and in the production of custom integrated systems for applications in the defense, transportation, industrial, and research markets.

Founded in 1977 in Turin (Italy), GOMA ELETTRONICA has been involved, since the beginning, in the industrial products distribution and has focused, in the course of time, on the embedded market, acquiring know-how and experience in the mechatronics. The continuous involvement in the Customers’ projects and the development of customized solutions combined with catalogue products, have made GOMA Elettronica skilled in the systems integration with the consequent change to a manufacturing reality of greater proportions with braider resources and market presence.

Today GOMA Elettronica offers a choice of over 20,000 embedded products delivered by the world leading manufacturers or manufactured on its own, including COTS systems, integrated platforms, racks and cabinets, HMI and panel PCs, boards and power supplies based on standard technologies and networking solutions. Most of the products are available in both industrial and Mil grade versions. For those Customers who are looking for a custom product, GOMA Elettronica develops and delivers dedicated solutions based on open standard architectures and integrated with COTS products, which can in case be certified according to the relevant rules and supported through the time.

The experience gained in over 40 years has made GOMA Elettronica a reliable and skilled Partner able to support its customers in the selection of a product or in the development of a custom solution, optimizing development time and cost of ownership of the equipment.

Since 1996, Pro Logic operates in the field of Information and Communication technology proposing as global technology partners and offering complete solutions, including application solutions and technological infrastructure.

The core business of Pro Logic is based on:

♦ Complex IT systems in the context of new "Internet of Things" technologies
and "Internet of Data"
♦ Business systems that support business processes, information flows, and reporting
data analysis in complex organizations
♦ Data management systems on different hardware and software platforms
♦ Development of hardware and software solutions for Internet data management (IoT) for
industry and home automation (from sensors to ECUs),
♦ Hardware and software products for monitoring and implementation of industrial machines
in open technology in production processes (Smart Factory) and environmental monitoring
(Smart Cities, Smart Communities and Living Labs)


IRIS is a company born in 2012 and located in Italy, in the industrial area of Turin. Consisting of twelve employees and supported by several external collaborations, IRIS owns a strong background in industrial laser, Additive Manufacturing and plasma technology applications, adding value in process optimization/qualification in order to guarantee best affordable product performances (dimensional, structural reliability, etc.). IRIS is involved in a European and regional network of companies, maintaining an active portfolio of investments in technological innovation. The networks activities aim at sharing of research and development efforts such as industrial resources and capacity (cutting, welding, machining, prototyping) to increase the competitiveness of the local industrial system. IRIS facilities include a 400 m2 lab for experimental testing of laser and plasma processing. IRIS maintains partnerships with a group of local manufacturing SMEs specialized in laser and plasma cutting, CNC machining, bending and welding technologies, capable of building prototypes (e.g. novel equipment components, technological demonstrators) and testing new processes and equipment in an industrial environment. IRIS is also part of different running European funded projects, related to additive manufacturing and laser technologies, with extended partnerships with larger companies such as Avio Aero, Prima Industrie and SUPSI.

Main fields of activity are:

  • Development of environmental applications of plasma technology (2 patent applications pending approval)
  • Design of industrial applications of laser technology with a strong focus on metal additive manufacturing and laser welding
  • Support for innovation and technology transfer to SMEs

IMAMOTER is a research Institute of National Research Council of Italy (CNR). Its headquarter is located in Ferrara with a Supporting Unit (U.O.S.) in Turin, inside the premises of the C.N.R. Research Area, and operative locations in Candiolo (TO), and Vezzolano (AT).

Imamoter established on 15 June 2002. It results from the incorporation of two formerly existing CNR Institutes: the Institute for Earth-Moving Machinery and Off-Road Vehicles (CEMOTER) and the Institute for Agricultural Mechanization (IMA). In 2012, a research group coming from the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (Faenza) joined IMAMOTER. 

Sustainable development, energy efficiency and safety underpin the research actions, bridging Key Enabling Technologies with industrial application in: power transmission, unstructured robotics, man-machine interfaces, advanced materials, physical agents, interaction of machinery with environment. Material research activities focus on a) study of materials machinability, b) characterization of wear resistant materials, c) synthesis and characterization of advanced materials for several applications, with particular attention to biomedical field. 

The analysis of the processes parameters affecting the materials properties is the approach belonging to all the research activities (machining for activity a), synthesis process for b) and c)). The objective is always the correlation between the materials performance and materials features, with the purpose to redefine the production process.

INRIM is a public research centre acting as Italy's national metrology institute (NMI).

INRIM realises, maintains and develops the national reference standards of the measurement units of the International System (SI), consisting of seven base units - metrekilogram, second, amperekelvinmole and candela - and of derived units.

Thanks to these standards, the Institute is able to ensure measurements that are reliable and comparable on both a national and international scale.

Basic and applied research in many fields - such as materials sciencenanosciencequantum optics, studies on the fundamental constants of physics - as well as the development of new measurement technologies and instruments enhance the metrology activity.

Through seminars, exhibitions, events and conferences INRIM presents and disseminates its scientific findings and advancements. The Institute promotes education and training for young scientists organising PhD courses and financing scholarships and research grants.

In order to meet the needs of industry, INRIM has a dedicated department operating at direct contact with the world of production and providing consultancy, calibration, and testing services.

The Institute supports the National Laboratory Accreditation System by ensuring the quality of measurement standards and procedures and promoting the dissemination of the national standards of the SI measurement units.